View More: http://carolineevan.pass.us/cultivateCultivate Retreat was founded in 2012 by Cassandra Cherneski to fill the need for an educational experience that provide practical, useful advice for wedding professionals at a reasonable cost. So many industry events are fabulous, but are also quite pricey and not always within reach for many event professionals. Since it’s inception, the Cultivate experience has grown and evolved, while staying true to the core mission of providing an inspiring event and valuable content at a reasonable price.

Why Cultivate?

The word “cultivate” shows intentionality. Just as you tend to a garden with love, care and dedication (soil testing! weeding! choosing zone-appropriate heirloom seeds!), a business will grow and flourish under the same intentional care and dedication.

It is our hope that you’ll Cultivate more than just business success while at Cultivate, as Cultivate has become known for growing relationships too. It’s so important in the wedding world to have trusted friends and confidants, and we truly believe that if you attend Cultivate, you’ll walk away with new relationships that will grow and bear fruit long after the retreat ends.

Why a “Retreat”?

A retreat is an experience that allows you to withdraw, focus, get clarity and form connections. Our retreat will not only have classroom sessions chock-full of practical content, but we will also have “White Space” built into the schedule to allow you to choose activities that will energize and refresh you. We’ll have opportunities for hands on learning, and plenty of free time as well. You can choose to lounge poolside, go for a hike, take in the spa or just curl up with a good book. It’s up to you! We want to give you the space, the time, and the freedom to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life.

We hope you can join us in 2016 to cultivate your wedding business!